PinPoint Overview Video


PinPoint Quick Start Guide.

The Pinpoint installer creates the Eightfingers tab in PowerPoint.

Pinpoint will scan the slides for differences between your brand guidelines and the current open presentation.

Open the presentation you need to check, and then, within the Eightfingers tab, click the Check button.

Bearing the following principles in mind will make using PinPoint easy straight away.

Check Boxes

Ticking the check box tells PinPoint that you wish to fix the issue. Checking the box next to a slide name will fix all the issues on the slide. To fix issues individually expand the selection by clicking the cross symbol and then check the boxes next to each issue you want to fix.


Highlighting a description will take you to that area of the presentation.

Cross Symbol

The cross symbol next to the left of slide name allows you to expand the view to see individual issues within the slide.

Fixing colours.

Starting with colours, the main window will show you all the slides where there is a potential colour mistake.

Expand the slide by clicking the cross. To see where the issue is on the slide, highlight its name. Now Click Fix.

Select the colour you wish to change the issue to from the dropdown list that appears. Click OK.
Continue this process until all the colour issues have disappeared.

Fixing fonts

To fix fonts change Colours to Fonts in the main window using the dropdown arrow. The process for fixing your fonts is the same as for colours.

Tip: If you only have one font you could simply check the box next to each slide and click the fix button. Your Font will already be selected. Click OK. This will apply your font to the whole presentation.

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